Inevitable Components of an Executive Resume
18 Aug 2021

Inevitable Components of an Executive Resume

The expectations from the resume of a C-Suite Executive vastly differs from a regular resume. The viewers of the resume are strategic thinkers with a good grasp of their respective industry. A good resume speaks a lot of the Executive even before the interview. What is written and How it is written is the first impression the resume creates on the interviewers’ mind. Here are some of the inevitable components required in the resume of a senior executive.

1) Transformation

Highlight what kind of transformation with key outcomes in your resume. Successful organizations are constantly transforming to stay relevant. Successful transformation experience is key to securing a new key role.

2) Achievements Not Responsibilities

Always mention what you achieved in each of your role and not what you were responsible for. Be ready to explain each of your achievements during the interview.

3) Financials

Mention key financials. Revenue growth, increase in profit margin, rise in stock prices, creating shareholder returns – anything and everything that would reflect your numbers in your roles.

4) Size and Scope

Be sure to highlight size and scope of your organization or department or business unit. These high-level numbers would create a lasting impact on the interviewer and would help them compare it to the current or future state of the organization you are interviewing for.

5) Turn-around Experience.

Navigating an organization back to the right course is a commendable achievement. Your future employer might have questions on how you did it.

6) Growth

Every organization would like to achieve growth. Be sure to mention how you led the Profitable Growth strategy of your company or business unit.

What you did differently, what tools you used, whom did you partner with, what kind of internal or external support you used. Growth could be mentioned in percentage YOY or for a certain metric.

7) Memberships and Affiliations

Mention your professional memberships and affiliations.

8) Advisory Positions

If you are currently holding or have previously held advisory positions in any capacity, do mention that in your resume.

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