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Through our secure platform, C-Suite Executives can confidentially share and track their Resume with head-hunters and other prospects. We provide industry leading tracking capabilities to notify you when someone tries to access your Resume. Your Resume never leaves our high-security secure server. All you share is the access link to the Resume.

Protect the identity of your clients.

Use C-Suite CV Secure to create secure link to your confidential job description and share with the intended recipients only.

  • Analytics on Who viewed your profile and When
  • Your Resume will be stored in our secure server
  • Turn-off access in seconds to specific individuals
  • Update your Resume even after sending the link to your Resume
  • No monthly, yearly or set-up fees. Buy Once. Use Unlimited for 3 years
  • Store and share up to 10 different versions of your Resume/cover letters
  • You will never have to email your Resume
  • Turn off access or delete file once you secure a new job
  • Enterprise-grade end-to-end document encryption

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Unlock valuable analytical insights on who reads your Resume. Must have tool for C-Suite Executives.

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