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C-Suite CV Secure was founded by Executive Search professionals, to solve a painful problem – lack of Traceability and Confidentiality when dealing with their Resume. Every time an Executive wants to share the Resume, absolute confidentiality is sought. Yet, they were compelled to blindly trust people whom they have never seen, with their Resume, the cornerstone of their very intent in seeking a new job.Failure to honor the trust will have adverse impact on both the parties. Email with Resume could be forwarded to anyone. Lack of a trusted platform kept these executives for retaining control of their Resume, putting them at the mercy of head-hunters.

Then, C-Suite CV Secure was born.

Every day, we enable thousands of C-Suite Executives and senior professionals to share and track their Resume confidentially with military-grade security and industry leading tracking capabilities. Our systems are fully automated. We keep our prices affordable in a way to maximize value for our customers and by keeping our cost of attracting customers low, we pass the savings onto our users. We make money the traditional way – by providing you with valuable software that you are happy to pay us for. That is exactly why we do not sell ads inside our products, nor sell data to other advertisers.

We are on a mission to change the way C-Suite Executives share their Resume.


We Believe

  • Reputation is Everything. Never let anyone take it away.
  • Trust but verify.
  • Create exceptional value for our clients.
  • We take pride in delighting our customers.
  • We believe in fast and efficient customer service.

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