Executive Search Market Mapping

Identifying relevant candidates and building a candidate pipeline takes up almost 45% of the time in an executive search. As market mapping specialists for the executive search industry, we will do that job for you. You can focus more on candidate experience and nurturing client relationships.

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What do we do & how do we do?

We are market mapping specialists for the executive search industry – whether you are an executive search firm or an in-house executive search team. We work with you to understand the position, scope, geography, seniority, and to define a market mapping strategy. The way we approach the market is simple – understand where the talent relevant for your role exists and then identify it.

We work across industries and functions. Our researchers are experts in over 120 industries and all organizational functions.

It’s not limited to online research. We pick up the phone when necessary and fill the gap to provide you with a comprehensive picture of talent for the role at hand. You can then choose to contact your preferred candidates.

image Request a sample of our mapping by writing to [email protected]

What you get & What we don’t do

What you get:

We present you with the names, titles, and organizations of all relevant candidates within the specified list of agreed upon target organizations and geography. You get a comprehensive report and accurate data on the specific market.

Each market mapping project normally ranges between 1- 8 weeks, where we’ll work in collaboration to determine specific elements or pain-points that an organization would like to focus on. Besides conducting in-depth research and analysis to review all insights gathered, the final report offers insights covering all findings gathered.

We are true partners with you in your search and we make our brains work. We fully understand the job and we think outside the box to bring a fresh perspective on who would do the job.

What we don't do:

We believe the executive search firm is well positioned in the market to contact the candidates and not us.

We don’t contact candidates, nor conduct pre-screening. We don’t speak with candidates. We simply present you with the list of candidates you can readily contact.

Why is Marketing Mapping important?

For Retained Executive Search, a systematic approach to market, methodologically mapping all relevant candidates is the only pathway to a successful placement.

It also helps you to be certain that, as a specific need arises, the perfect candidate does in fact exist in the market. Market mapping is relevant if there are plans to expand or launch into a new market or geographical location and want to understand the local talent pool, before deciding whether to conduct a Retained Search locally or relocate talent from existing markets.

If you’re looking for a hard-to-fill task or niche role, market mapping can be an excellent tool to help you narrow your pools and identify potential matches.

Case Studies/Use Cases

Below are some real-life case studies in which we have been able to provide value to organizations through market mapping.

  • Identifying potential Board Members with previous operations experience in automotive industry across the US and Europe.
  • Identifying all relevant candidates for a newly created Chief Operations Officer position with a processed food manufacturing company
  • Identifying specialty chemical specialists within specific companies where the target candidates don’t have LinkedIn or online presence.
  • Identifying a list of candidates for a pharmaceutical company, for a CFO position where the incumbent is due to retire in a year.
  • Identify a list of “ghost” candidates with no online presence but they exist in the market.
  • Support an existing team of researchers due to a sudden surge in search assignments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What makes us different?

We are not an executive search firm. So, there is no competition with us and there is no conflict of interest. We are a service provider to executive search firms, Boards, C-suite executives and in-house talent acquisition teams.

We stay with you throughout the search. We never handover a bunch of names and disappear.

2) When should you use us?

You could consider engaging us in one or more scenarios:

  • You handover market mapping to external service providers such as us as a business model.
  • Your existing team is overwhelmed with a surge in searches, and you are not considering additional hires.
  • There is a seasonal increase in workload, and you need external help.
  • You want to focus on candidate experience and client relationship nurturing.
  • You need external expertise in mapping a tough search.
  • You have exhausted your pipeline of candidates and need to somehow find more candidates.
  • You feel there is a gap in your market mapping and need to provide the client with a fool-proof mapping, for which you need our expertise.
3) Who do we work with?

We work with major executive search firms, medium-sized search firms, small search firms, independent search consultants, boutique search firms in the US, Europe and Asia.

With large corporates, we work with Boards, CEOs, CHROs and other key decision makers. In the US, we work with 28% of S&P 500 companies, 15% of Euronext 100 companies, 19% of FTSE 100 companies and 22% of S&P Europe 350 companies.

4) How much does it cost?

We have two pricing options – we either charge by the hour or charge by the project. Speak with us to determine what works best for you. Either way, this stays below 15% of your total search fee for an assignment.

Write to [email protected] to know how we could work with you.


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