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How do you ensure the highly confidential job description you share with tens of candidates remain with them? What if they forward to your competitors or anyone who would compromise the confidentiality of the Search?

Protect Your Identity and Resume.

Use C-Suite CV Secure platform to create a secure link to your confidential resume and share with intended recipients.

  • Verify the identity of the candidates who access your job description
  • Candidates cannot forward unlike forwarding an email with the document
  • You retain total control of the Job Description
  • Revoke access anytime you wish for specific individuals
  • Track Who reads the JD and When
  • When the Search gets completed, delete the file leaving no trace
  • Update file with latest info even after you hit send

Know Who viewed your Job Descriptions, When and How many times

Never leave your reputation to chance

Powerful Tracking

Our tracking bots track and reports activities on your job description link – Who viewed, When and How many times. Track back usage to individual level.

Absolute Confidentiality

No download option. No print option. No forward option. No Save option. Just viewing access to your job description.

Restrict Access

Block specific individuals by email ID. With powerful analytics, you are in total control of your job description. Turn-off access or even delete the JD after the search has been completed.

Cloud Power

No need to download software. Access from your laptop or mobile phone browser, from anywhere. Keep track of your JD activity from anywhere.

Latest Version Always.

You can keep updating your JD even after sharing the link with someone. Just replace the existing file. You can replace the existing file unlimited number of times and the viewer will see the latest version while the link remains the same.

Contact us at [email protected] to set up free account for executive search firms

  • Upload unlimited job descriptions
  • Unlimited tracking
  • Enterprise-grade server and document security
  • Supported file type: PDF
  • Revoke document access
  • Update JD anytime to show the latest version
  • No print, save, forward or download option
  • Storage: 5 GB
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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