How to Share Your Resume (or CV) Confidentially and Securely
21 May 2021

How to Share Your Resume (or CV) Confidentially and Securely

Nine out of ten C-Suite Executives worry about confidentiality while sharing their resume with a headhunter. At stake is their career in case the news leaks out that the executive is exploring opportunities externally.

Headhunters usually instill confidence in the candidate but the moment the CV is sent, you lose control and track of who views it and who is it sent to.

Often, Search firms “use” your CV in one or more of the following ways

  • Share your resume with name or without name with other clients without your consent.
  • Share your resume with competitors to showcase their ability to reach and engage with senior executives like you from rival firms.
  • Include your resume with name or without name in Proposals to gain credibility in front of clients.
  • In most cases, your CV will be stored in their internal database which could be accessed by a lot of other people. They can access, copy and share with anyone they wish.
  • Send your CV to freelancers, contractors or outsourced personnel, probably in different countries for formatting, reporting or data entry purposes.

This is particularly crucial if your company does not like you looking out and if comes to the light, will have adverse consequences.

There are incidents of losing promotions, taking away strategic responsibilities, as loyalty gets questioned or in some cases, the Board feels betrayed.

Moving to a competitor is tricky. Any breach of confidentiality would jeopardize your standing with the company. Questions would crop up if you shared sensitive information during the interview process.

Right now, once you send your CV, you will not be able to take it back and risk being exposed.

One of the industry-trusted ways of confidentially and securely sharing your Resume (or CV) is using

Using this platform, you can store, share and track your CV and get real-time data analytics on who viewed your CV, When and How many times.

C-Suite CV Secure is used by CEOs, Board Members, CFOs, CIOs, COOs, SVPs, Heads and VPs to protect their identity and control CV movement during the interview process.

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