For the 2022 US Executive Search Firms Survey, we had 7,800 participants representing both candidates and clients from 54 industries in the US. C-level executives accounted for 45% of the participants, followed by Others at 22% , VPs at 14%, Board Members at 9%, SVPs at 7% and EVPs at 3%.

We gather data from three key sources:

1. Our public survey, for 2022 which ran from 7 th October 2022 to 23 rd October 2022

2. C-Suite CV Secure Platform, used by senior executives to share their CV. This is a highly relevant group of executives from whom we gather in-platform feedback.

3. Direct approach to the market via online channels.

Public Survey

Our online public survey is designed to gather maximum feedback from respondents in under 60seconds. The key information we gather from respondents are:

- Professional career level of the participant

- Participant profile – whether candidate or client

- Industry of the participant

- Search firm, each participant wishes to rate

- Participant’s experience with the search firm and how likely are they to recommend a search firm to others (NPS)

A) Level of the participant - we asked participants to identify themselves from professional careerlevel perspective. We broadly categorized into C-Level Executives (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CMO,CTO etc.), Board Members, EVPs, SVPs, VPs and Other. See image below


B) We asked participants to identify if they are a client or a candidate. See image below


C) We asked participants to choose their industry. See image below


D) We asked participants to choose the search firm they wish to rate. In case they are unable to find from the drop-down, they can choose the option Other and manually enter the name in the field below. See image below


E) We asked participants “On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this search firm based on your experience? “
“On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend this search firm to others? “. See image below


C-Suite CV Secure Platform

C-Suite CV Secure website/platform is used by thousands of senior executives to share their CV confidentially. This gives them the ability to view Who viewed their CV, When and How many times. They can also update and edit the CV and use just a link to give access to their CV instead of emailing it to recruiters.

An in-platform pop up gathers feedback on executive search firms from users throughout the year.

Direct Approach to the Market

We directly approach senior executives from the market across 30 different industries and sectors via various online channels. This is not to be confused with the overall number of industries from which we received responses – i.e. 54 industries and sectors.

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